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Quality Standards, on Budget and On Time

From concept to design, from engineering to prototype, from tooling to manufacturing and assembly – and just about every step in between – we produce products that meet your quality standards, on budget and on time.

Featured Product Categories

Get a quick glimpse at a few of our featured product categories below or select a particular one on the right to read basic information about the product category, industries it is used in, example products as well as various photos of products we have created in the particular category. If you have any further questions about these product categories or products that may not be featured here, please contact us.

OEM Parts

One of Airmate’s strengths has been in partnering with our customers to create OEM parts to specification for a variety of applications. Our in-house design and engineering departments work closely with customers to ensure parts are produced to spec. using materials with the best characteristics for a project’s end use.
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Airmate Company has been in the template making business since 1985. Traditionally templates were used by draftsmen and engineers. We created a new product niche for templates in the advertising specialty industry. Airmate can create templates that illustrate a product or process to promote products and services for any industry.
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Our Facilities

Airmate Company is headquartered in Bryan, Ohio which is in the North West corner of the state, adjacent to Michigan and Indiana…  Learn more about our facilities