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Learn more about the variety of parts and materials that Airmate Company uses.

Quality Parts and Materials make your Product Succeed

Identifying the best material for your application is a vital component in creating high quality parts. With more than 60 years of plastic experience, Airmate has the expertise to assist you with material selection. We can identify suitable material options based upon the properties required to meet form, fit and function. We can also identify the appropriate design and machining techniques to assure consistent quality parts.

Airmate has developed long term partnerships with specialty plastic sources, giving us access to virtually every plastic on the market. We have the right source, for the right material, at the right price to get the job done.

Featured Parts and Materials

Get a quick glimpse at a few of our featured parts and materials below or select a particular one on the right to learn more about it’s general description, properties and applications.  If you have any further questions about these materials or some that you do not see here, please contact us.


Peek is a moisture and heat tolerant material. It is hot water and steam resistant for extended periods of time. It emits low toxic gas and smoke when exposed to fire.  View more information about Peek


Acrylic is a transparent material with strength and stiffness. It is optically clear, and available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. It is also available in decorative finishes.  View more information about Acrylic

Other Parts and Materials

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Our Capabilties

Airmate Company is your single source for multiple plastic applications. Our master plastic craftsmen fabricate your parts to your precise specifications…. Learn more about our capabilities

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