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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Capabilities

Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you don’t see answered below, feel free to contact us online.

Q. What materials can you machine?
A. Airmate produces parts from a wide array of substrates, including plastics, composites, woods and some foams. We do not machine metals.

Q. What are your milling tolerances?
A. Airmate can hold standard machine tolerances of +/- .005.

Q. What type of routers does Airmate have?
A. Airmate has 10 3-axis CNC mills currently in operation, with more than 100 available cutting heads. We currently do not have 5-axis machine capability.

Q. Does Airmate produce turned parts?
A. At this time Airmate does not produce lathe or screw machined parts.

Q. What is the largest part you can mill?
A. We have a variety of CNC mills, with various table sizes. Our largest, single table is 51” x 108”. We also have a dual table CNC mill with two, 75” square tables.

Q. Can you die stamp plastics?
A. Yes, we can.

Q. What file types do you need?
A. We would prefer .dxf or .dwg but can also use .pdf, .eps & .tiff,

Q. What materials can you print?
A. Airmate prints on just about any material including plastics and coated metals.

Q. What is the largest size you can print?
A. Our largest flatbed screen printer can accommodate sheets up to 32” x 48”.

Q. Can you screen print parts that are already formed?
A. Airmate’s staff can produce fixtures to accommodate printing of some formed parts. There are limitations, so call us with specific details.

Q. What is you standard lead time?
A. Standard lead time is 2-3 weeks ARO. (We realize urgent needs arise and will do our best to accommodate you)

Our Facilities

Airmate Company is headquartered in Bryan, Ohio which is in the North West corner of the state, adjacent to Michigan and Indiana…  Learn more about our facilities

Our Capabilties

Airmate Company is your single source for multiple plastic applications. Our master plastic craftsmen fabricate your parts to your precise specifications…. Learn more about our capabilities